A collection of tools & scripts that enhances my daily workflow. These tools are free to use and open source. The source code is included or downloadable via a separate link.
Adobe Scripts
Distributes (a selection of) objects to separate layers. Essential when exporting to After Effects.
Advantages compared to similar scripts:
• Works on a selection or whole layer
• Preserves the order of objects when distributed to layers
• Creates layer names based on object names
• Ability to add a custom layer name prefix
Compatibility: Adobe Illustrator CS6 — CC 2015
Objects to Layers Dialog

Objects to Layers Dialog

Exports a text file that hierarchically (by layer and composition) lists all effects used in the project. Handy as an overview for larger projects. This listing is much more detailed than the report you get when using the “Collecting Files” command.
Compatibility: Adobe After Effects CS6 — CC 2015
Report FX Text Output

Report FX Text Output

Mac OS X
Command line utility that creates a Finder alias from a source file or folder. Copy the binary to /usr/local/bin and it should be available from your prompt.
falias source_file alias_name
Compatibility: Mac OS 10.8 or greater

Falias CLI

Mac OS X service that copies the local or remote URL (AFP or SMB) of the selected file(s) in the Finder to the clipboard.
Compatibility: Mac OS 10.8 or greater

Copy Remote URL Service

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